Build, Upload & Play

Now that you're all set up, it's time to make your build.

Make a Trail build

1) Click Build in the Trail SDK window.


2) Before building, Trail will run an analysis of your project that identifies potential issues. If any critical issues are found, click Open report window. Here you can easily fix any issues found by clicking the Fix buttons.


3) Now that all critical issues are fixed, click the Build button again to start building.

4) Once Unity is done building, your first Trail build will be ready ✌️



Custom build pipelines

Using a custom build pipeline? No problem. Integrating Trail with your custom build pipeline is easy. Read more here

Run your build locally

Running your build locally with the Editor Extension is very useful because it allows you to verify that it runs properly in Trail's live production environment before actually uploading it to Trail :ok-hand:

1) Click Run next to your latest build.


2) Now click Open in browser to open your build in the Trail Game Manager.


3) Excellent! If all goes well, you will now be running your game on Trail!


Upload your build to Trail

All that is left now is to upload your build to Trail. πŸ‘

1) Click Stop Running and then Upload to upload your build to the Game Manager.

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2) Once the upload is completed, the Game Manager will open and your build will be queued for post-processing. You can run the build right away, even if post-processing has not yet finished 🏁



Build post-processing

Trail's post-processing optimizes your build in various ways that ensure you get the best possible performance out of your build.

3) Run your uploaded build by clicking the play button with the build number.