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Learn more about Trail and our mission.

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This guide is designed in a way to allow jumping between sections easily if you’re looking for something specific. However, if you’re still starting out we recommend you go through it in chronological order.

So what exactly is Trail?

Our goal at Trail is to make it possible for anyone to have meaningful play experiences. However, many obstacles prevent people from experiencing the wide breadth of games available on different platforms. This is mainly due to accessibility and reliability issues that happen before and during playing. This is what Trail aims to solve by making play ultra-accessible and reliable thus, democratizing the play experience.

With this in mind, we chose to build our technology targeting browsers -- the most common tech that exists on almost all devices (computers have it, phones and even TVs nowadays). Trail’s own set of tools (we call them kits and we’ll talk about them extensively later) work directly with WebGL/WebAssembly technology to enhance it and streamline the process of replicating native-like experiences on the browser with as little sacrifices as possible. In other words, closely replicate the experience when playing on PC without negatively affecting the original experience’s quality and features.

Trail; a bridge between your game and a better WebGL experience.Trail; a bridge between your game and a better WebGL experience.

Trail; a bridge between your game and a better WebGL experience.

Whether your game is developed primarily for Trail or ported from a different platform, you’ll need the Trail SDK to get started -- we’ll cover how to obtain it later in the guide. Once you’ve got the SDK, depending on your game, you’ll want to integrate some or all of our kits (tools) to help you out:

  • 🗄️ FileKit

  • 🗝️ AuthKit : an authentication module that will assist you in verifying the identity of a user on the Trail platform. Note this requires your own backend for optimum security.

  • 🔔️ NotificationsKit : it allows you to send notifications to your users; can be used for sharing news or maybe offers about your game.

  • 💰️ PaymentsKit : it allows you to monetize your games (whether single or multiplayer) on the Trail platform.

  • ⚙️ PerformanceKit : the optimization kit; it allows you to harness the power of WebGL combined with the Trail platform to maximize the performance of your games on the web.

  • 🐦 Pigeoneer : the first UDP based browser transport. It can integrate with different networking APIs (check the Compatibility List for the confirmed solutions)

  • 👪 PartyKit : it allows you to share information and updates between party members; share where they are in the game, etc...

After the SDK integration, your game gets uploaded to our own servers where we automatically apply our final part of the secret sauce then… voila, your game is ready for playing!

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We'll learn how to create a developer's account to get access to the SDK

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Getting started

Learn more about Trail and our mission.

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