Overview | Mobile to Web

After "Mobile to Web", your game will be playable in a web browser through Trail.

In these next sections, you'll use the Trail tools to make, upload, & release a game on Trail. We often recommend starting out by creating a bare-bones version and adding extended functionality afterward in Integration.

1) Download the Trail SDK..
2) Analyze & prepare Unity game for the web using the SDK.
3) Make a Trail Build..
4) Build the Game Presence and configure the Game Manager settings (Optional).
5) Release your game on Trail through the Game Manager.

The Porting Process

The porting process is often naturally divided into three steps:
1) Getting the game playable on the web.
2) Integrating all the functionality you need for a successful launch.
3) Growing your userbase & maintaining your game!

These translate into these three phases:

1) Game To Web
2) Integration
3) Releasing & Growing



Non-unity game?

If you are porting a non-unity game, go here first.

What’s Next